A Quadratic Programming Approach to Manipulation in Real Time

Manipulation tasks usually involve the control of redundant robots to reach large workspaces while avoiding obstacles and satisfying other constraints. This results in motion planning in high-dimensional space. In addition, whole-body manipulation tasks using multi-limbed robots may need the control of more than one manipulators. Modular robots can be used to construct many useful morphologies …


The SEAL Pack is versatile, portable, and quickly deployable, similar to the Navy SEALs.  SEAL stands for SEa, Air, and Land and the SEAL Pack is versatile enough to traverse all three.  The SEAL Pack is transported in a compact way, and can be unpacked into either a car, boat, or quadrotor in a matter of minutes thanks to its modular design.


The Modular Robotics Laboratory (Dean Wilhelmi, Stella Latscha, Matthew Piccoli) collaborated with other technology studios from Penn (IKStudio under Simon Kim) and Harvard, as well as dance studio Carbon Dance Theatre (co-choreographers: Meredith Rainey & Marcel W. Foster) to create a dance performance blending art and technology called Science Per Forms.