ModLab UPenn the modular robotics laboratory at the university of pennsylvania



IEEE Spectrum: January 5th, Robots Made of Ice Could Build and Repair Themselves on Other Planets


Knowable Magazine: February 5th, Q&A — Roboticist Mark Yim: Robots designed to self-construct


Engadget: July 23rd, Researchers develop modular bots that combine to form a single flexible machine


The New Stack: March 15th, These Modular Drones Self Assemble To Build Cooperative Structures in Mid-Air

DroneBelow: March 13th, These Modular Drones Can Join Forces to Create Flying Platforms

Discovery Canada, Daily Planet: March 12th, These Flying Robots Stick Together

El Espanol: February 17th, Drones autonomos capaces de formar un ejambre para trabajar conjuntamente

Focus: January 27th, L’armarta dei droni che si assemblano in volo

INTERESTING ENGINEERING: January 19th, These Robots Can Assemble in Midair

Microsiervos: January 15th, Drones autonomos que se unen en pleno vuelo para realizar tareas cooperativas

QUARTZ: January 13th, These flying robots can self-assemble in flight


Bitcraze: November 27th, ModQuad – Self-Assemble Flying Structures

Bitcraze: November 13th, A Flying Gripper Based on Cuboid Modular Robots


IEEE Spectrum: May 18thSpiral Zipper Creates Robot Arm Out of a Strip of Plastic


IEEE SSRR: October 19thIEEE Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics 2015 Finalist for Best Paper
AHS International: May, Winners of AHS International 3rd Annual MAV Student Challenge

2014 December 30th, Occam’s Razor Applied to New 3D Printed UAV Jimmy Paulo
Science News: September 23rd, Hybrid robot merges flier with two snakelike machines
IEEE RAS: June, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2014 Best Automation Paper Award


The Atlantic: “Imagine an Aircraft Carrier Made Out of … Robots,” Megan Garber, Feb. 27 2013
Engadget: February 27, UPenn robots spring into action, save wooden hero (video) February 12, Swimming-pool ships make waves in modular robotics (w/ Video)
Gizmodo: February 11, Floating Swarm Bots Form Emergency Bridges, Runways, and Islands
IEEE Spectrum Automaton: February 11, Floating Robotic Shipping Containers Team Up to Create Islands and Runways
The Daily Pennsylvanian: February 3, Engineers design boat robots in Pottruck pool
Geekosystem: February 11, Hive-Minded Robots Now In the Water

2012 November, Modular Robotics: The Next Generation
Fox 29 News (USA): March 19, Celebrating the Philadelphia Science Festival,


NewScientist MacGregor Campbell, “Robot builds its own body from sprayable foam,” Issue 2834, Oct. 19, 2011
NewScientist, Sandra Upson, “Go reconfigure: Machines that become whatever you want,” Issue 2808, April 19, 2011


Interaktywnie Translated from Polish “Inspector Gadget Terminator and one that is a new invention from DARPA” Feb. 25, 2010


New York Times: A Modular Robot That Puts Itself Back Together Again, Online Interactive & News Paper Article
The Gadget Show: Ortis Deley meets an awesome modular robot that can rebuild itself if it gets broken, Video
Deutschlandradio (German National Radio): Translated from German: The self-transformation of
machines, Modular robot repairs itself
,€ September 10, 4:50PM, 2009
TV5 Quebec, Canada: Avenirs Possibles, September 25, 2009
Communications of the ACM “Shape-shifting material suggests morphable hardware” July 17, 2009


Discover Magazine: Top 100 Stories of 2008 #81: Smart-Matter Robots Reassemble Themselves, Magazine Article
Slashdot: Hardware Self-Healing Robots of Doom From UPenn, Online (Front Page)
Membrana:Translated from Russian: The pieces of the robot find each other after the explosion, October 20, 2008
ETNews:Translated from Korean: [Global Report] public eye level skills tailored to meet future, about CKBot at NextFest, October 12, 2008
Robot Watch: Translated from Japanese: International Conference on Robotics “ICRA 2008” report local competition, Noriko Kageki, May 30, 2008
New Scientist: Shape-shifting robots take form, Jeff Hecht, magazine Issue 2653, April 25, 2008
Wired News “Robot Rebuilds Itself From Scattered Pieces”, Ryan Singel Sep 27, 2008

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