Connection mechanisms are critical to modular reconfigurable systems. The ModLock manual connection system is both fast to attach/detach and strong. This low cost, low profile connection system has been demonstrated on a variety of robot configurations including legged walkers, flying quadrotors and wheeled robots.


One of the key features of a modular reconfigurable robot is its ability to adapt its morphology to the task required.
While the modular robotics community has mostly focused on this feature by furthering self-reconfiguration mechanisms to enable the robot to reconfigure itself, we believe there is also value in fast manual reconfiguration to make modular robots practical and useful in the field with humans present.


Specification Value
Length 60 mm
Width 60mm
Thickness (Male + Female) 7.6 (6 + 1.6) mm
Connection Time < 7 s
Disconnection Time < 3.25
Max Tension 2.2 kN
Max Bending 39.5 Nm
Max Torsion 15 Nm
Weight 80 g




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