Stella Latscha

Stella Latscha
Position: Master's Student in Robotics

Research Interests: Multi-robot systems, rotor aerodynamics, soft robotics

Office: Towne 170

Email: slatscha at

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The Modular Robotics Laboratory (Dean Wilhelmi, Stella Latscha, Matthew Piccoli) collaborated with other technology studios from Penn (IKStudio under Simon Kim) and Harvard, as well as dance studio Carbon Dance Theatre (co-choreographers: Meredith Rainey & Marcel W. Foster) to create a dance performance blending art and technology called Science Per Forms.

Hybrid Exploration Robot for Air and Land Deployment (H.E.R.A.L.D)

A team of five mechanical engineering seniors, in collaboration with the Modular Robotics Laboratory and under the guidance of Dr. Mark Yim, have designed a search and rescue research platform intended to address limitations of current search and rescue robots and introduce a novel form factor and integration technique into the field.