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Caio Mucchiani

Caio Mucchiani
Position: Ph.D Student

Research Interests: Service Robots , Manipulation and Control

Office: Modlab-Towne 170

Email: caio at

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Robotic Edge-Rolling Manipulation: A Grasp Planning Approach

We present a novel robotic manipulation technique that we call robotic edge rolling. It refers to transporting a cylindrical object by rolling on its circular edge, as human workers might maneuver a gas cylinder on the ground.

Object Picking through In-Hand Manipulation using Passive End-Effectors with Zero Mobility

We present a new method for picking objects through quasistatic in-hand manipulation with endeffectors that have no degrees of freedom. Our stable manipulation/ grasp planning is achieved with two contacts at fixed distance and the force of gravity, and is provably complete and correct. Practically, our robotic in-hand manipulation technique can facilitate low-cost manipulation and […]

Evaluating Older Adults’ Interaction with a Mobile Assistive Robot

We present findings from two deployments of an autonomous mobile robot in older adult low income Supportive Apartment Living (SAL) facilities. Design guidelines for the robot hardware and software were based on query of clinicians, caregivers and older adults through focus groups, member checks and surveys, to identify what each group believed to be the […]