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Andrew Specian

Andrew Specian
Position: Ph.D. Student

Research Interests: Robotics, Mechanisms, Search and Rescue, Disaster Robotics, Human Robot Interaction, Collaborative Robotic Interaction

Office: modlab

Email: aspecian at

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Robotic Edge-Rolling Manipulation: A Grasp Planning Approach

We present a novel robotic manipulation technique that we call robotic edge rolling. It refers to transporting a cylindrical object by rolling on its circular edge, as human workers might maneuver a gas cylinder on the ground.

Quori: A Community-Driven Modular Research Platform for Sociable Human-Robot Interaction

Quori is a novel, affordable, socially interactive robot platform for enabling non-contact human-robot interaction (HRI) research in both in-lab and “in the wild” experimental settings. The package will be complete with an expressive projected face, two gesturing arms,  bowing spine, and an omnidirectional base. Software is provided at the low-level to control the hardware and at the high-level, provided by Semio, to easily generate versatile social behaviors.